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Bryan’s House is a charity that provides medically managed child care for children with special medical needs, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. We also provide case management, therapy services, emergency financial services and other help on site for the families of these children.

Most of our families live well below the poverty level – the average household income for our families is $11,000, with an average family size of four.


We access many different funding sources, including seven government contracts and many private grants, so we must maintain a great amount of data on these families. In addition, when billing these funding agencies for services provided to these children or parents, each contract and grant has different reporting requirements, The billing staff must assemble and analyze a substantial amount of data to make decisions about which sources of funding to bill for each unit of service. Although mistakes are inevitable, we are charged with the responsibility for minimizing errors.

We need some means to easily get summaries based on the various criteria set by our funding agencies. Currently this is a manual process, counting and adding figures from the existing reports. We use this in billing the funding agencies as well as internal reports. This will help us to maximize revenues, minimize expenses and most importantly to serve more children and their caregivers.

We also need the means to improve how we enter the information. Our existing program has some idiosyncrasies that we would like to correct. Further we would like the means to be able to search for clients using more information than the last name.

The only users of this database will be staff members responsible for entering data, creating reports, and conducting billing operations. We will need to be able to control access to the database with passwords and privilege management.

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