Dallas Challenge

Dallas Challenge


Dallas Challenge is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing programs and services to at-risk youth in the Dallas area to address issues such as truancy, drug and alcohol abuse, gang participation and other delinquent behaviors.


Our main problem with our website is its static nature. With pre-set page layouts and limited capabilities of staff members, it is hard to regularly update the Web site with new and exciting information, images, etc.

Although it is thorough, we would like for the website to be more visually appealing, and laid out in a more purposeful way. Eventually, our goal is to provide a website that acts as a resource to local youth and their families (with various self-help pages, drug/alcohol warning signs for parents, resources for recovery, etc.), but for now our main focus is improving the layout and flow and updating the look to be more professional and put together.

Specific goals would be improving the homepage to include changing and constantly updated information, incorporating a ‘current events’ news page (to list the latest program and event information), and making the whole site more visually appealing, while still being consistent and professional.

We would love to completely redo the website, but if the above goals can be accomplish by merely editing our existing one, that would work as well. Dallas Challenge is a small nonprofit, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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