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Mentoring Brother 2 Brother, Inc. was created to successfully mobilize young men between the crucial ages of 6 to 18, strategizing them through educational tutoring and further directing their paths away from “the streets,” gangs and prison, and energizing them to become productive and responsible citizens that can and will constructively contribute to society.


They are in need of a web site redesign with some update mechanisms needed to keep certain pages up to date with regard to programs that change monthly.

The main site is composed of a few static pages that change very infrequently. The contact is even thinking of reducing the pages in the website. That said, there is the need for a certain area where monthly updates can be made to content related to programs that are running for that month.

The goal of this site is to disseminate information and to provide contact points for the youth and thier parents. It is in need of a design refit and a smoother, more consistent experience. The level of refit is extremely simple and should be easily done in the 48 hour period.

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