Therapeutic Riding of Texas (TROT)
Therapeutic Riding of Texas (TROT)


The mission of Trot is to provide a program of therapeutic horsemanship to children and adults with various mental and physical disabilities. In the effort to fulfill their mission, Trot not only develops bonds between children and adults with horses but it also builds a community of people who support and care for one another.


This web site will both provide the public with information about TROT as well as serve as a central organizational focal point for the members. There is a base very rough template at That with current content at should be a good starting point for ideas.

  1. The entire site needs a cleaner fresh look. It should be templated with a user friendly look and feel that can be updated easily while maintaining consistency throughout the site. The home page and the base template can have several types of elements in order to allow creative flexibility and it is understood that this may require mid-level design knowledge to update. We would like some dynamic images to catch attention.
  2. Content areas of the site need to be very easy to update by non-technical users and should not require special tools -- a user updating content should not be bothered with formatting. Those areas are: In the News, Board of Directors, Photos, Sponsors, Instructors, Information.
  3. The site needs to contain a dynamic calendar that will inform the public and volunteers about events/classes and allow people to register for said events. Adding events and descriptions should be easy and intuitive. The calendar should be able to be viewed for an entire month or one week or a single day with details.
  4. Volunteer and rider forms need to be electronic with the information stored to a database. They will need an interface for TROT personnel to get to the data securely and notification when a form is filled out.
  5. Must keep the PayPal link that is currently on the site. Also may want a page that contains donation information for Kroger, Tom Thumb,, etc.
  6. Would like a Member to Member page where members can upload business cards or information to encourage the TROT members to support each other. 7. If there is time, a more extensive media area with streaming media content would be nice.

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