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White Rock Friends is an outreach to people who are HIV positive. It started as a Tuesday lunch for anyone who wanted to attend and grew rapidly to the point where they now have the White Rock General Store. This store allows HIV positive people who do not have the economic means, to receive items at a substantial discount. These items include products for personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. The store even gives away pet supplies as it is shown that HIV patients respond well to having pets.


The center is looking for a new web site. The site will be mainly for letting the community know who the ministry is, how the public can help, and keep everyone updated on current activities. Though it was not requested by the center, it would be smart to have a bilingual site as their fastest growing group is Hispanic women.

The theme of the site should be uplifting and inspirational. However, they requested that the front page be grim in nature as to show the devastation of the disease and then the inner pages should be full of color to show that there is much hope to be had.

They are open to any branding suggestions however theey do have a logo so if that could be blended in that would be great.

The head of the center, Douglas, will be maintaining the site so a simple CMS solution would be best. The would only update 5 to 6 times a month and this would include text and image changes.

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